Why use decorative mirrors in your home?


Mirrors were used in environments such as bathrooms. Nowadays, they invade any room in our house (even at work!). That way, they are easily found in the living room and dining room decor, right, when choosing a glass wall art

There are several mirror formats and sizes that can make small environments, such as apartment rooms, wider, as they can offer a feeling of space and comfort, in view of other objects that would not make any difference to this environment.

The possibilities of using mirrors in the rooms of your home are countless. It is possible to use models with wide, thin, modern, rustic, classic or traditional frames, so the environment will be with your face, after all, nothing better than having a bigger coziness where we live!

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4 mirror formats
Currently, there are numerous models of mirrors that serve to compose the decoration, in addition to being an alternative for those who want to fill empty spaces on the wall, guarantee greater amplitude and increase the luminosity. Next, check out the most popular formats and find out how to use a mirror in your decor.

  1. Round
    This format is one of the most delicate and relaxed. They are great for valuing a focal point .
  2. squares
    Square mirrors convey a sense of organization. They are indicated for more formal environments, which want to convey stability .
  3. Rectangular
    Common in the decoration of many homes, the rectangular mirror provides an air of tranquility and guarantees good decorative ideas.
  4. Irregular
    For those who are more relaxed and want to leave the environment personalized, you can invest in this format. They play with the environment, giving more movement to the space.

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mirror sizes


Anyone who thinks that any mirror size is ideal for the chosen environment is wrong. So, to help you understand which is the best option, check out how to use a mirror in decoration below!

Small: They are ideal for giving the feeling of diminishing the environment, and are cool when the intention is to complete the decoration with it, without putting them in evidence .
Medium: They provide a feeling of greater comfort and are perfect for those looking to occupy an empty space.
Large: They are essential to expand small environments. Allied with light, the sense of spaciousness works best .
Why use mirrors in decoration?
That the mirror is democratic, we already know. However, if you know how to place it in a strategic place, then there will be no mistake! In addition to matching everything, it can be adapted in any environment you want.

If you prefer, you can still transform your home decor without having to try too hard or break walls, which makes everything more sensational and affordable , right?

In addition to highlighting certain points of decoration, mirrors illuminate the environment and can even become the decorative object itself . They are a super trend and are usually used in living and dining rooms, providing a sense of spaciousness and duplicity.

They also manage to bring modernity, light and space, but it is recommended that you always observe what is on the other side, because the mirror can highlight it, ok?

Mirror as a decorative item
The mirror is a great partner for those looking to innovate at home, spending a great price and making the environment more modern and unique.

Mirrors manage to change your residence or any room that is inserted, from the lighting to the amplitude, after all, their possibility and use is endless.

We, at Glass Construction , make amazing mirrors for your home, in addition to making pieces that match all styles of environments, we work with all sizes to serve you better.

We carry out your project with the highest technology in mirrors and with qualified professionals to assist you, in order to avoid any type of setback.

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