Apartment flooring: 9 tips to make the right choice

The variety is great, the pros and cons are many. There’s no way not to be in doubt when it’s time to choose the floor for an apartment, be it new or during the renovation of an old apartment. To help with this arduous task, we are going to give you some tips on which are the best floors for apartments , from those that bring acoustic comfort, through those with the best cost/benefit ratio, to the most durable ones.

Among so many options, the first initiative is to assess which floor is most appropriate for each area of ​​the apartment.

Yes, because the flooring chosen for the living room is not always the most suitable for bathrooms , for example.

9 tips to get the right choice of flooring material for an apartment, about ., Vinyl flooring  in Ponte vedra 

  1. Granite is a sign of durability
    granite apartment flooring

Highly recommended for kitchens and bathrooms, granite is a natural floor that offers strength and durability , which makes up for the high price.

It is very easy to clean, just pour water and clean with a product for complete hygiene.

There are several types, formats, designs and colors and it is perfect when installed in colder environments. It can also be used in the living room and bedrooms without error!

  1. Burnt cement adds a touch of modernity
    polished burnt cement apartment flooring

The darling of architects, this floor is modern and allows the environment to have an industrial style, very charming.

The gray tone that brings a very clean appearance is the most used, but there are other colors also on the market, such as red, brown, beige, blue and green.

The application of resin on top of fresh cement is indicated to increase its resistance. If you choose this one, follow a very stripped, rustic and contemporary decor to match right.

  1. Laminate flooring for indoor areas
    laminate apartment flooring

Despite some caveats – it does not mix well with the sun or water, for example – laminate flooring is a good option with a better cost/benefit ratio than conventional wood.

Made from HDF (wooden microparticles), it goes well in almost every interior room in the apartment.

  1. Flooring for an apartment in Madeira Cumaru
    cumaru wood apartment flooring

Practical when cleaning, Cumaru wood, originally from Brazil, is of excellent quality and resistance for apartments, in addition to being practical when cleaning.

The benefits of this floor are its affordable price , ease of finding in the market, versatility and the possibility of being applied in the form of flooring, ready-made flooring, laminate and vinyl.

  1. Blankets bring acoustic comfort
    flooring for apartment acoustic blanket

Produced from materials such as glass wool, rock wool, PET wool and even recycled tire rubber, the blankets are developed to cover the slabs between apartments and prevent the passage of impact noise, such as furniture being dragged, high heels , etc. However, they must be applied between the slab and the subfloor during the construction of the building .

This is how they avoid sound transmission between the slab, the walls and the pillars.

  1. Porcelain is a jack of all trades
    porcelain apartment flooring

Porcelain does not go out of style. This is one of the few floors that can be used in every room and has good resistance against liquids and chemicals, as well as being very durable.

It offers a spaciousness effect and is found in many shapes, colors and patterns. No risks!

  1. Wood laminate is cozy
    wood laminate apartment flooring

Wood laminate is the best choice for those looking for cozy environments that offer plenty of comfort.

The main advantage of this floor is the waterproofing treatment it receives in its manufacture. In this way, the coating gains a protective covering so as not to absorb substances.

Great option in terms of economy and for those with children at home.

  1. Vinyl flooring is quick to apply
    vinyl apartment flooring

The vinyl floor can be a good choice, especially when installed in apartment renovation.

It is quick to apply , offers acoustic comfort, and has evolved a lot in recent years. Some suppliers already have vinyl floors that imitate wood (looking like laminated floors), and even special floors for application in areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

They just shouldn’t be applied in external areas!

  1. Regardless of the floor, slabs, terraces and balconies need waterproofing
    flooring for apartment terrace and balcony waterproofing

There are several types of apartment flooring suitable for external areas (porcelain tile is just one of the options).

However, when choosing floors for your apartment, you must take into account that, in addition to everything we have already talked about, external areas are subject to infiltration .

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